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We Believe that all businesses, landlords, and homeowners must take responsibility for the safety of their guests to avoid slip and fall injury from dangerous conditions on their property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I slip and fall and injure myself? Click to view answer
Slip and falls can be challenging cases to prove. Whenever you fall and injure yourself you should be sure to do the following, after you obtain whatever medical care you may need: 1.) Get the names, phone numbers and addresses of any witnesses to the fall 2.) Determine what you slipped on 3.) Ask questions of witnesses, store employees or anyone else around to determine how long the substance or dangerous condition upon which you fell was there before you fell 4.) Find out if anyone on behalf of the store or owner of the property knew the substance or dangerous condition was there before your fall; 5.) Report the incident to the store, including your injuries 6.) If possible, get pictures of what caused you to fall.
Who is liable for my injuries if I fall and hurt myself? Click to view answer
There are a number of different entities that may be liable if you slip or trip and fall, including the owner of the property, any management companies for the property, stores or businesses that operate on the premises, and other parties. In addition to the entity responsible for maintaining the property, there are often entities in charge of specific maintenance on the property that may also be liable, such as snow and ice removal companies.
What must I prove to win a slip and fall case? Click to view answer
In any slip and fall or trip and fall case you must prove that the responsible party either 1.) Knew or had reason to know about the hazard that caused you to fall or 2.) Created that hazard or 3.) Should have discovered and remedied the hazard because it was present for a sufficient time before your accident. There are many interpretations of these elements, so we advise you to consult with an attorney immediately after an accident, while the evidence and witnesses may still be available.
I fell but I don’t know why. Do I have a case? Click to view answer
You may still have a case, even if you do not know exactly what you fell upon. For example, it is possible that you fell due to a defect on the premises that was not readily apparent to you. It may be that you fell because there was no handrail on the stairs, the rise and run of the stairs did not meet the applicable building code, or because the flooring material was too slippery. We have handled cases in which the fall was attributed to these very reasons. Sometimes the right expert, such as an engineer or human factors expert, can provide answers to the mystery of what caused you to fall.
What if I am partially at fault in the slip and fall or partially to blame for what happened? Click to view answer
Under Missouri law, you may still recover damages if you are partially at fault. You see, the law is very fair, and requires that a judge or jury examine the fault of all parties involved. This is known as “comparative fault”. There is a no formula for arriving at a precise number for a person’s comparative fault. You may need an experienced slip and fall lawyer to negotiate for your settlement with an insurance adjuster or possibly argue your case to a jury at trial to discuss all of the factors that might have caused the accident.

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