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April 9, 2013

Did you know that almost 25 percent of all accidents are caused by the use of a cell phone according to the National Safety Council? Too often today, workers are still using their cell phones while driving company vehicles. If you get into an accident while using your cell phone while working, then not only are you responsible for any damages but so is your employer. 

Because of these liability issues, many businesses are implementing cell phone policies for all of their workers. Even the Greene County Highway Department has begun to implement their own policies. They, along with numerous other businesses, are doing the right thing and putting safety first. By implementing a cell phone policy that bans talking and texting while driving, they are making a statement that safety is important to them. 

According to Kurt Larson, a *Springfield Personal Injury Lawyer, when you are on company time, the law deems that your employer is responsible for your behavior. That is why he has been educating numerous businesses on the importance of cell phone policies and what the consequences are when accidents are caused by an employee while using their cell phone.

A federal study recently showed that on-the-job crashes can end up costing employers well over $24,500 and can even cost in excess of $150,000 if someone is injured in an accident due to the employee’s negligence. Even worse, if there is a loss of life, then employers can end up paying millions in a personal injury/wrongful death lawsuit.

According to the National Safety Council, all businesses need to implement cell phone bans that cover personal as well as business cell phone use while in a company vehicle. Even if there is a hands-free option, it should be banned because it is still deemed a distraction.

Even if a policy is in place that doesn’t absolve the employee or their employer from liability in the event of an accident, but having a policy and enforcing it can be a great preventative measure.

Some feared that productivity in the workplace would go down if such a policy was implemented, but it has been shown that productivity has not been affected by any of these policies. In numerous cases, productivity has actually increased.

With any new policy implementation, there is always going to be some form of resistance. However, this is one policy that has actually been welcomed in the workplace. While it takes some work to get used to not answering a cell phone while driving, it is a good option until you get to a safe spot where you can pull over and take the call.

Learn more about this policy and how it can help your business by going here and downloading the National Safety Council’s cell phone policy kit. 

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