A Proven Track Record in Personal Injury Cases

When selecting a personal injury lawyer to help with your case, good results in and out of the courtroom are an important measure of success of any trial attorney and should be a critical factor in determining who to hire. With more than 20 years of winning just compensation for clients like you, attorney Kurt Larson understands that every case is unique. While it is unrealistic to promise a particular result in your case, Kurt has the experience to help you achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family.

In a personal injury case, a settlement occurs when the injured party (plaintiff) and the insurance company of the person who caused the accident (defendant) come to an agreement on a dollar amount as compensation for injuries in return for resolving the case before it is heard in court. Kurt and his team at Larson Law Firm will to counsel you on the pros and cons of settling with regards to the details of your specific injury case. A verdict is a decision made by the jury, either in favor of the plaintiff or in favor of the defense.

Below are a few examples of the results Kurt has obtained for his clients in regards to personal injury settlements:

$6 Million wrongful death jury verdict. This case involved the wrongful death of a retired 62 year –old husband and father of two daughters. He was killed by the driver of a tractor trailer, who failed to pay attention to traffic stopping in front of him. Due to slamming on his brakes he jackknifed and crossed the center-line into the path of our client’s vehicle. This jury based its verdict on non-economic damages only, such as the loss of the guidance, love, attention, comfort and consortium that he brought to his family. No economic damages were submitted to the jury. This case remains the largest verdict ever in Taney County history and was one of the largest verdicts in the state of Missouri that year.

$3.5 million personal injury settlement. This case involved a young client attacked by a exotic animal being kept in captivity by irresponsible handlers. The settlement proceeds were placed in a special needs trust in an effort to protect the funds over our client’s lifetime, and to help implement a life care plan providing our client with the best possible quality of life despite his significant physical challenges.

$1.1 million wrongful death settlement. This case involved the wrongful death of the father of our client, a 3 year-old little girl. Our client’s father was killed when the vehicle he was driving was crushed by a tractor trailer that slid off the highway at an overpass and fell onto the highway below. One the challenges we faced was how to best structure this settlement so this little girl would have all of her economic needs met, but still have the incentive to attend college and make her own way in life. After careful planning we structure her settlement so that she would receive payments over the course of her life that would achieve this balance.

$750,000 settlement. Our client was injured while riding a shuttle bus at a local resort. Six years after the collision which threw her to the ground of the bus, she underwent neck surgery. Because of the gap in time, the insurance company initially disputed that our client’s injury and surgery were related to the collision and offered only $15,000. However, after we filed suit and proved the surgery was medically related to the accident, and also discovered that the shuttle bus brakes were not operating correctly and the resort knew it, the insurance company settled.

$412,000 jury verdict. Our client was a 41 year-old wife and mother of two, who worked as a bank teller. She sustained an injury to her neck in what was characterized by the insurance company as a “low-impact” collision. Our client developed fibromyalgia after the collision and suffered daily pain. Allstate insurance company had offered our client on $3,100 before trial and Allstate’s insured policy limits were only $100,000. After trial, Allstate paid the entire judgment, including interest. Kurt set a new precedent for those situations where an insurance company’s in-house attorney elects to be the trial attorney in the courtroom.

The sample cases presented above and elsewhere in this website are examples only and should not be viewed as a guarantee of any particular result in your personal injury case. All cases are different. The results Larson Law Firm has obtained for our clients in other personal injury settlements or wrongful death cases does not imply or suggest that similar results will be reached for you.

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